The Problem with Political Parties

The problem with political parties

Many political parties start with good people with high aims who feel they could provide better governance and improve society.

But it never works out that way in the long run.

Whichever party becomes King of the Castle for a term or more, the goods always fail to get delivered.

Ever notice that things in general seems to be getting slowly worse, generation after generation? It’s reflected in popular sayings, such as:

If voting changed anything they would make it illegal


Whoever you vote for THEY always win.

There are (at least) 3 reasons why political parties will never be able to deliver the goods


Over time, political parties attract the wrong kind of people. The more popular the party, the worse types it attracts. Narcissistic and manipulative power-hungry parasites devoid of moral conscience (psychopaths essentially), do well in party politics. These types almost invariably rise to the top or at least the inner circle of political parties.

The hierarchical pecking order in every political party is a reflection of the fact that it’s a group of people dedicated to achieving power over others. This largely excludes people of sound character and integrity from meaningful participation.

All politicians will vehemently deny this. But being dishonest, not just to others but themselves, is part of the game. Manipulating people for their own ends is the air they breathe.

They are not our friends. And in the long run, nothing good comes from them.

Infiltration by vested interests and ideologies

All political parties become corrupted. It always happens. It’s practically baked into the cake. That’s true no matter how principled its founding members were. The quest for power always attracts the wrong types. And with them come all manner of vested interests and strange beliefs that neither serve us nor have our general consent.

And remember the old saying ‘money talks’? Well it practically shouts when it comes to party politics. Why else do regulators turn a blind eye when banks commit crimes and rob us? Why else do people with links to Big Pharma run our health services? The diktats of Big Money weigh heavily in party politics. In some parties more than others perhaps, but no party escapes its threats, demands and control.

Political parties also become vehicles for groups with only minority support to hijack the agenda. I’m sure you can think of a few. And notice how many political parties agree on things that most of us wouldn’t stand for if asked? Put simply, infiltration of political parties is how minorities dominate and control us against our wishes. Ironically, “representative democracy” run by political parties channels us into a system of governance that is both oppressive and undemocratic.

Deliberate ignorance and fear of knowledge

Many of us have read a book or an article and thought to ourselves – if only this author was our Leader or had the ear of government, things could be so much better!!

But the fact is that the best thinkers and ideas are always far from government – and so they will remain while the government is in the hands of a political party.

Being in a political party is like being in a cult with its own beliefs and agendas. One dare not question those core beliefs or one will be cast out as an infidel. Those who hold fervently to the party “vision” (in addition to being conniving and manipulative) rise to the top. Those who stop thinking for themselves and become faithful followers form the backup or back-benchers, as they are called. The same holds true for “government advisers”.

There can be no room for critical thought in such an environment. No room for competing ideas. They are simply banished as a threat.

A governing political party is really just a small group of committed ideologues who intentionally block any thoughts or ideas that threaten their beliefs. To be governed by a political party is to be governed by a tight-knit group of control-freaks who remain wilfully ignorant, not out of stupidity, but out of fear.

– – –

Better to be governed by an open-minded tyrant than a closed-minded political party. Best to govern yourself. And that, is what is on offer.

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