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Great Reads – We The People, Wales

Great Reads

On Freedom of Speech


Trigger Warning by Mick Hume

A reader’s review:

“This book cuts right to the heart of the oversensitivity of our time and will surely galvanise anyone who reads it into acting against petty censorship. I have read it cover to cover TWICE already and keep going back to it. Every SJW, conservative and anyone who has cried “hear hear” when the news announces someone’s dismissal for holding controversial views should read this. You will rethink everything you thought the modern age was doing right and see the other side of the victories the oppressed have apparently won. No book I have read recently has done half so well in highlighting a whole new injustice that is stealthily creeping up on us. Read this, and learn how we must stop a precious freedom being lost before it’s too late.”

On Democracy


Revolting! by Mick Hume

Readers’ reviews:

“This little book just keeps on giving. Every page seems to hold a nugget of information. It’s less a book of the author’s personal views and more a history lesson which ricochets from Plato to Paine. If you want to understand why free speech and real democracy is your responsibility to keep or throw away – read this book.”

“Mick Hume hits the nail on the head. The meaning of democracy and what it takes to be democratic lays in our hearts not in the hands of the current political rabble. It takes some concentration to read but you will be well rewarded unless you are member of the closed minded establishment.”

Democracy Under Siege by Frank Furedi

Readers’ reviews:

“Clear and well argued, with lots of historical detail packed into a relatively short and very engaging read. I especially appreciated the more contemporary chapters examining barriers to democracy. The final chapter, advocating democracy as ‘more than a set of procedures’ and the benefits of ‘living democratically in the public sphere, provides a powerful call to arms to all that seek a more meaningful existence and a measure of control over our collective future.”

“After having read this book I am now better able to understand what’s been going on in the world and why the elites loathe regular people. Shame on them! I have no intention of cooperating in any way with their dystopian technocratic agenda! I want my freedom back!”


The Politics of Obedience

The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Étienne de la Boétie

Written in 1552, this treatise on political power is as relevant today as when it was written. Translated into English by Harry Kurz, The Politics of Obedience can be downloaded free of charge as a .zip folder simply by clicking on the image.

The book is approximately 70 pages in length. The first 40 are an introduction by Murray N. Rothbard, and the second 30 are the book’s text itself.

You can skip the lengthy introduction and go straight to the text, saving the introduction for a later read, if you wish.

This book challenges commonly held beliefs on how political power actually works. It is highly recommended.