Real Democracy vs Fake Democracy

Real Democracy vs Fake Democracy


“Representative Democracy”, if it ever worked, is now broken beyond repair.

We find ourselves in a dysfunctional surveillance state bound by regulations and laws crafted by corporate lawyers and approved by “our elected representatives”.

If you are seeking a political party to save us, you are looking in the wrong place.

“Representative Democracy” and party politics is the problem

We need a democratic reset, but not the “Great Reset” currently promoted by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, Extinction Rebellion and various assorted interest groups trying to foist their agendas on us.

We need a reset of where power and authority rests.

All authority comes from consenting citizens. It’s time we got back in the driver’s seat.

A nation of sovereign citizens, all of us, with the powers to direct governance based on our own ideas and interests, not based on the interests of Big Corp, Big Finance, Big Pharma and their lapdogs, political “leaders”, is the real reset needed.

Most of us have come to realise that top dog politicians, by and large, are little better than door-to-door salesmen, conning us with promises they have no intention of delivering.

It’s plain to see that political parties are part of the problem, not the solution.

It’s time to vote them out. All of them. And put we the people back in control of our own lives, where real power rests and belongs.

It’s time for a People’s Reset.

It’s time to expand the Welsh Assembly to include all of us with the same power that politicians, their advisers, funders and lobby groups now holds over us.

It’s time for genuine Direct Democracy (a.k.a. Participatory Democracy) to replace the phoney Representative Democracy we have suffered under for too long.

Bottom up self-organising societies cannot be controlled by special interests. They are fair and they thrive – by design.

Top down command and control societies reward the influential few and punish the many without influence. It can’t be helped. It’s baked into the design.

Time to change the design. Time to take the power back.

We have the technology – we just need you to say ‘let’s do this’ come next election.

It costs you nothing to get involved. Download the Pledge to Democracy and Freedom and follow the instructions.