The Time Has Come

(If you have come here for the campaign against covid19 restriction madness, click here.)

Democracy, if it ever worked, is now broken beyond repair.

We find ourselves in a dysfunctional surveillance state bound by regulations and laws crafted by corporate lawyers and approved by “our elected representatives”.

If you are seeking a political party to save us, you are looking in the wrong place.

Political parties are part of the problem. All of them – by design.

We need a Reset, but not the kind of Reset currently promoted by the UN and World Economic Forum, Extinction Rebellion and their ilk.

We need a Reset of how power and authority is exercised.

We need a society based on sovereign citizens, all of us, equipped with the powers to create the fair and prosperous society based on our ideas and desires, not based on the interests of corporate and financial entities, and their lapdogs, the politicians in their plush chambers.

Politicians, by and large, are nothing better than door-to-door salesmen, conning us with promises they have no intention of delivering.

It’s time to vote them out. All of them.

Its time for a People’s Reset.

It’s time to expand the Welsh Assembly to include all of us with the same power that the political class now holds over us.

It’s time for genuine Direct Democracy to replace the phoney Representative Democracy we have suffered under for too long.

Bottom up self-organising societies cannot be controlled by special interests. They are fair and they thrive – by design.

Top down command and control societies reward the few and punish the many. It can’t be helped. It’s baked into their design.

It’s time to change the design. It’s time to take the power back.

We have the technology – we just need you to say ‘let’s do this’ come next election.

22 September 2020